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Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps: One Team, One Goal

Delivering business value in today’s digital technology environment requires using all the tools in the tool kit. Utilizing a Lean, Agile, Dev Ops combination allows teams to unite behind a common vision: deliver software at the speed of business.

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Monica Johnson

Monica Johnson is a for Software Development Leader at Nationwide Insurance. Monica has 19 years of service with Nationwide and has played various roles including Developer, Project Manager, Software Quality Assurance leader, PPL, ADL, Lean Coach, and most recently Application Product Manager. Monica has a degree from Ball State University in Marketing. Monica has a passion for software development practices and helping teams be successful with a focus on software engineering and industry best practices.

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Brent Burell

Brent Burrell works at Nationwide Mutual Insurance, a fortune 100 company. Brent’s role as a Senior Scrum Master has allowed him to work across many teams in a wide range of environments delivering software. Being certified as a KMP, PMP, CSP-SM, TKP and seasoned Analyst, his experience brings a breadth of knowledge across many disciplines. Brent is especially well versed in relationship building, team growth and collaboration as well as negotiation and delivery strategies. In his day to day work he brings a bit of everything to the table to get things done. It doesn’t hurt that he can make you laugh too!