Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Improv Your Interactions

Improv is all about listening and responding intelligently to your colleagues. We're going to take that to the next level by learning how to improve our listening skills and build off of the conversation you're having. These skills will help you build substantial relationships and provide meaningful input to the conversations you have, whether it be conversations with friends, colleagues or clients. 

By playing various low-stakes and fun games, we will learn how to roll with the conversation punches, keep your mind free and open to whatever comes next and see things from the other person's perspective to provide valuable input.


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Zack Kelly

Zack Kelly is an entertainer at his core. Professionally, he's a Business Analyst with the consulting and training firm, Improving. His love of improv comedy lends itself well to his professional skills as a listener, connector and facilitator. His background is in mechanical engineering gives Zack an eye for detail and enhances his problem solving skills. Zack loves to fuse these skills to help others understand the big picture and solve problems. When he's not working, Zack's probably doing improv or something stereotypically nerdy.