Wednesday, January 9, 2019                                                    

Waterfall and Agile Swirl

 Join us to hear from Shannon Cross of CAS to discuss the challenges of being a BA in a WAgile environment. Shannon has operated, thrived, and made mistakes in the Waterfall/Agile “WAgile” Swirl. From it she has gained insights in working at the team, executive, and customer levels. "Waterfall and Agile Swirl" will cover some tools to help manage these incompatible but often combined frameworks, how to speak with teams and business executives in this situation and managing scope and change. 

Download Shannon’s presentation here.


Shannon Z. Cross

Shannon Z. Cross currently works at CAS (Chemical Abstracts Society), a leader in cheminformatics solutions, providing scientific information to industry and academia in pursuit of research and discovery. Shannon’s role as CAS Services Client Engagement Manager combines her experience and skills of Product Owner, Program Manager, BA and entrepreneur into one package. Which means, she believes certain rules are thrown out the window and what remains is a foundation of using the best tool for the job. Not to be confused with ever changing process or undefined business strategies. Shannon holds a MA in management, BA in anthropology and is a certified Project Manager, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Scrum Product Owner, and Scrum Master. Her professional experience crosses public, private, and government sectors.