Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Visualize, Specify, Collaborate!

A three-part talk on the processes, skills and toolsets practiced by professional Business Analysts in leading organizations today. Ken Randall presents a survey of techniques and the application of these techniques in the AxureRP Toolset. The presentation focuses on the challenges Business Analysts face in representing requirements to their many customers, methods to improve communications and collaboration with stakeholders and approaches to representing solution requirements. The talk includes real-world examples of “ah-ha” moments, success and even some painful lessons-learned that no doubt will encourage and challenge you to do your own continuous improvement with your teams


Download Ken's presentation so you can benefit from their information and tips for Visualizing, Specifying and Collaborating! Remember, Ken's presentation is made entirely in the Axure tool too!! 

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Ken Randall


Ken Randall has over 25 years of experience developing enterprise business processes and technologies. Throughout his career, Ken has been called on multiple times to resolve crisis and turnaround situations, as well as lead strategic initiatives. His expertise has evolved from client/server-based solutions to n-tier collaborative web applications and he has worked with many of the major technologies deployed today. Ken is currently a Vice President at Wells Fargo, consulting and coaching teams on Business Process and Workflow Strategy and Solutions. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, he was Vice President of Business Development at Flying Bridge Technologies Inc. 


Ken is a technology whisperer with a hobby or professional interest in every letter of the alphabet. He is from the future.

Winter Weather Emergency Policy:

  • Level 1 for Franklin County - Meeting still being held
  • Level 2 or 3 for Franklin County - Meeting is canceled