Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Demystifying Enterprise Business Architecture

What do we mean by Enterprise Architecture, what do we mean by Business Architecture. Who cares and why?

This presentation will offer information and insights around Business Architecture that explores:

•      Differentiation and connection of disciplines
•      The rise of Business Architecture because the tail needs to stop wagging the dog
•      Why Business partners need to share some accountability and responsibility
•      Why Business Strategy matters and requires constant work
•      Tips and techniques

Russell Cotter_april 2019 chapter speaker.png

Russell Cotter

Russell is an Enterprise Business Architect and IT Practitioner with 35 years of experience. In Australia, Russell worked mainly in Government Enterprise, where he was involved in revising and improving the national infrastructure for systems and data communications.

During his tenure as an IT practitioner, Russell also served in the Australian Army Reserve 8th Signal Regiment where he was involved in the setup and operation of field telephony and data systems.

After immigrating to the United States in 1997, Russell has worked with industry sectors including Telecommunications, Energy, Education and Financial Services, in full time and consulting roles.

His greatest “claim to flame” was leaving an obscure test script exposed to the production environment that lay dormant until one day the script evaluated to “true”. This triggered automated events that led to the crippling of the corporate email systems over a weekend. Needless to say, his email privileges were suspended for some time!

Russell takes a wide and long term view of the IT landscape, and is often known for breaking the barriers of the accepted “conventional wisdom” that surrounds him. He is a continuous learner, innovator and unapologetic challenger to accepting the way things have always been done.

During his down time, Russell spends time with family and is regularly involved in international studies talks on Australia at several local elementary schools. This is something he has done for over 10 years. Russell is also a second degree, black belt martial arts instructor for a local Taekwondo academy.