Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Working with Remote Teams

In today’s age of globalization, organizations and their teams are stretched across geographical locations. We all are a part of global market which works on collaborations across countries and borders. All thanks to technology as it has enabled us to collaborate, supervise and work with people/teams at different geographical locations. Geographical diversity is not just a requirement but a necessity and while working with remote staff has several advantages, managing it can be equally challenging.

This presentation will define the concept of Remote Teams or Virtual Team and how can we successfully build a team of remote staff and successfully manage them. This presentation will also discuss :

- Challenges of working with remote team members and how can we overcome them

- Steps to building trust and open line of communication

- Using Technology/ Tools with remote team members

- Conflict management with remote team members 

Download Sneha's presentation so you can benefit from her information and tips for Working with Remote Teams. 

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Sneha Fotedar

Sneha Fotedar is currently working for Enterprise Automation at Huntington National Bank. She received her Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Cincinnati after receiving her Bachelor’s from the University of Pune. She has a prior work experience as a mainframe developer with Tata Consultancy Services. After many years working abroad, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in the U.S. to experience a cross-cultural work environment. Her current duties at Huntington include web automation, as well as integration, system, functional and acceptance testing. Her technical focus is working with object-oriented languages and preparing training sessions to uplift her colleagues.


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